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If you have been charged with a second or subsequent charge for driving under the influence (DUI), you will be facing a number of potential consequences, including tougher punishments if you are convicted. At The Behan Law Group, P.L.L.C., we understand how daunting the repeat offender label can be and how important it is to address its potential impact on your case. Contact us today at 520-220-5047 to learn how we will use our training in reviewing evidence and our experience in litigating DUI cases to help you fight to obtain the best possible outcome in your situation.

What Counts as a Second DUI?

A DUI charge that occurs within seven years after being convicted of a first-time DUI is a second DUI offense. The seven-year period is calculated by counting forward 84 months from the date of a first DUI violation. If a second arrest occurs within that period, even a few days before the end of the 84 month period, it is considered a second DUI. However, if a second arrest falls outside of that time period, it will be considered another first-time DUI.

What is a Third DUI?

Whether or not a drunk driving charge counts as a third DUI offense depends on when a driver was charged with their first two DUIs. An offense is considered a third DUI if the two previous violations took place within the seven years prior to the most recent arrest. That is, the third DUI must occur within 84 months after the first DUI violation.

If a first-time DUI offense was committed more than seven years ago, yet the second DUI was within the 84-month period, the charge will be a second DUI, not a third. If more than one previous DUI conviction took place more than seven years ago, the offense will be considered another first-time DUI.

If you are facing a repeat DUI charge, let one of our experienced DUI defense attorneys do the math for you. You will want to avoid a second or third DUI charge if it is at all possible. A third DUI may be charged as a felony, which could result in a prison sentence. As a convicted felon, you also face a number of collateral consequences, including losing the right to vote for a period of time, losing the right to own firearms, employment and housing discrimination, and harsher punishments for any future charges.

What Happens if You Are Charged With a Fourth DUI?

If you are charged with a fourth or subsequent DUI with a seven-year period, you will face felony charges. These charges come with significant potential punishments, including more than one year in prison, and multiple years of probation, license revocation, and using an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you drive. A fourth or subsequent conviction will also cost you thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

Repeat DUI Offenders FAQs


What happens if I am charged with DUI after a prior conviction?

Answer: If you are convicted of DUI for a second time within 84 months (7 years) of your first offense, you face substantially greater penalties, including at least 30 days in jail, steeper fines and fees, mandatory community service, and the revocation of your driver's license for a year. After 45 days, you can drive with an ignition interlock device. If your second offense happens more than 84 months after your first, you face the same penalties as a first-time DUI.

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If you have been charged with a second or subsequent DUI within seven years of a first-time DUI charge, the attorneys of The Behan Law Group, P.L.L.C. will stand with you throughout the court process, build you the strongest defense available under the law, and pursue an acquittal while working to build evidence that will minimize your consequences if convicted. Contact our DUI defense lawyers at 520-220-5047.

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