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Spring 2024 Behan Law Group Military Veteran Scholarship Winner

Each semester, The Behan Law Group offers an award of $1,000 to support the higher education of military veterans, current service members, and their children. Our scholarship also requires the applicant to submit an essay discussing how their experience affected their academic and career goals and they plan to use their education to positively impact their community.

Carlos Garza

Carlos Garza

Marine veteran Carlos Garza has been named the third-place winner of our Behan Law Group Military Veterans Scholarship. Carlos plans on using his award of $250 to help pay for the tools he needs to become more experienced as an HVAC while also juggling the responsibilities of pursuing his education. Read Carlos’ essay to get a sense of his grit and determination toward pursuing his goals.

Read Carlos’ Essay:

My name is Carlos Garza I’m a Marine Disabled Veteran getting my a certificate in HVAC would help me tremendously I would become employable I have physical and mental disabilities that make it challenging to work in certain fields I understand basics in HVAC and getting my certificate could make me work for a company or open up my own business and able to provide for my family I really hope I can finish school and pursuit that carrier it would help keep my mind busy and provide and offer my son a good future I watch a lot of videos on HVAC and have done several repairs so I don’t find it that difficult it would just be a matter of having funds so I can continue my education and get back to the workforce after several years of not being able to work I really hope I can get this scholarship so I can get on the right track thank you for supporting veterans and making a difference on those who were willing to give there lives for this country.

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