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What are the penalties for a first Arizona DUI involving alcohol levels from 0.20 and above?

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shutterstock_744414736.jpg The DUI laws in Arizona are very strict. For a First Time DUI, with a blood alcohol result above .20, also known as an "Extreme DUI,” the statutory punishment is:

      • Jail: 45 days (some people may be home detention eligible (after 3 days in custody)).
      • Fines: About $3,240, plus jail/home detention costs and $80 monitoring fee.
      • Screening and counseling required: Yes.
      • Driver's license suspension: 90-day suspension (with a potential 60-day restricted driving period for Arizona license holders after 30 days) or 1-year revocation (with a potential restricted driving period after 90 days upon installation of an ignition interlock device ).
      • Interlock: 18 months.

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